Convince Your Boss

To:                          [Your manager’s name]

Subject:                Continuous improvement



I would like to attend a conference called Information Development World 2020, which is being held February 25-27 in Palm Springs, California. The conference organizer, The Content Wrangler, uses cognitive science research to design and deliver a superior program for content professionals. The conference is held over two days and features sixteen presentations, panel discussions, interviews, and showcases by industry leaders and practitioners. This conference will benefit not only my work but our entire team, and will provide takeaways about how others approach content issues.


Costs are these:


$0000    Registration fee

$0000    Airfare

$0000    Nightly hotel fee ($219/night + local tax)

$0000    Ground transportation (no need for a rental car—the hotel has a shuttle from the Palm Springs airport, everything else is walkable)

$0000    Meals (breakfast and lunch provided each day of conference)


$0000    Estimated total


These costs don’t hit our budget all at once. If we buy airfare and pay the conference registration fee now, those items hit our budget now. The other items will hit our budget after I submit the expense reports.


This conference is a small investment in empowering me to do more than my daily job. We’re all being asked to do more and to do it smartly. This conference will help us learn about industry practice and will give the opportunity to meet those who are tackling issues similar to ours. This knowledge will help us to plan and execute our projects, such as [project name/ client name], even better.

Thank you for considering my request. I think we’ll both find that it’s a worthwhile investment in my own development and in the company.


[Your name]